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Laser Hair Removal:

pulsed light system offers a lasting solution for unwanted hair.


Anti Aging Procedures:

Photo rejuvenation
If you want to improve your skin tone and texture, our photo rejuvenation programe is very comfortable and effective.


Skin Tightening or Refirm
Tighter skin doesn’t need to be a distant memory! Our fractional deep infrared light device can tighten safely, comfortably and effectively with little to no downtime after treatments.


Non Ablative Skin Resurfacing
The skin resurfacing delivers microbeams to create columns of coagulation within the skin. These initiates new healthy tissue, resulting in improved skin appearance to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Much safer than other ablative methods of the past with very little or no downtime showing desired results as early after 3 sessions at times.

Laser Vein Therapy
Your embarrassing leg veins keep you from wearing shorts, skirts and swimsuits. Our Lux 1064 Laser hand piece clears veins in almost pain free sessions. The leg veins are mostly developed due to genetic predisposition and long standing professions over the years. Once you develop an unwanted vein it will never disappear on its own and can only get worse. Laser vein removal is the choice of treatment for most of the clients due its non invasive technique.



  Other Services

Green Peel
The herbal deep peeling is a medically developed skin regeneration procedure with only pure natural plant source. It is a natural herb compound without any chemical additives. The Green Peel method of action is through increasing blood circulation and peeling of the outer layer of the skin. This intensifies metabolism and induces skin regeneration by the production of new cells and collagen fibers.


Glycolic Peel
A high concentration of glycolic acid exfoliates the superficial dead skin layer. It cleans the clogged pores and also helps against the bacterial proliferation in active acne.

A mechanical procedure to smoothen the unevenness of the skin surface. It improves the skin texture and lightens hyperpigmented spots and gradually produces skin glow.

Ion detoxification
Detoxification assists in restoring the body energy and vitality by eliminating chemicals taken in from environmental pollution, foods (particularly from processed foods), air and drinking water.
With only few sessions of ion detoxification we you can maintain health and vitality and feel gloriously healthy everyday

Acne Treatment
Acne is the most common skin problem affecting not only the teenagers, but up to 80 percent of people in their 20s and 30s. Acne may be present in various stages of severity, therefore treatment will vary accordingly. Along its disease pathway acne can be treated in different ways for its different stages. Our group at FK laser is trained to treat acne across all it stages of presentation.

Laser Teeth Whitening
Laser Teeth Whitening is a new craze in laser therapy. Within a few short sessions you can be a proud owner of a beautiful sparkling white smile.


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